Veterinary Services in Rancho Cucamonga

Because of the shorter lifespan of animals, we stress the importance of an annual physical examination for your pet until the age of seven. After the age of seven, we recommend twice yearly exams to ensure that health problems are recognized early and treated promptly. Thorough check-ups and preventive care can help alleviate serious health problems. In addition to these checkups, our Rancho Cucamonga animal clinic offers a wide range of veterinary services to keep your companions feeling their best:

Veterinary Services

Pet Transportation

Short on time? Have your hands full? Rancho Regional is pleased to offer pet transportation in the Rancho Cucamonga area. Please allow our friendly and courteous staff to pick up and drop off your loved one. Simply call us for more details.

Diagnostic and Therapeutic

Rancho Regional offers the most up-to-date technology in diagnostics and therapeutics for your pets. The latest technology at our finger tips allows for faster, more accurate results.

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Surgical Services

Rancho Regional Veterinary Hospital  provides both non-invasive and full-anesthetic surgical procedures, from cryo-therapy to orthopedic surgery.

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Rancho Regional Veterinary Hospital  provides both Non-invasive and full anesthetic surgical procedures, from Cryo Therapy to Orthopedic surgery.

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Pet acupuncture is a minimally invasive procedure that stimulates specific acupoints along the skin of the body involving the insertion of thin needles. It is meant for pain relief and treating anxiety, among others.

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Adult Stem Cell Therapy

If your dog or cat has arthritis then you should consider vet-stem cell therapy from our Rancho Cucamonga animal clinic. Read the many benefits that stem cell therapy has to  offer. If you need additional information, simply schedule an appointment.

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General Health Exams

We all understand the importance of maintaining your health throughout your life, and the same applies to our furry companions. Through their entire life of mischief and love, our wonderful doctors and staff will be there to ensure your peace of mind and make certain your furry love is safe and healthy. Schedule a wellness exam at our vet clinic today.


Internal Medicine Cardiology

Your pet’s heart function is important. Having a healthy, thriving heart means that they can have a healthy, happy life. Contact us today to schedule your veterinary cardiology appointment and see what a difference it can make in your furry friend’s life.

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It is very important to keep your pets’ vaccinations up to date.  If vaccinations are not boostered properly, it can result in an inadequate immune response to disease or illness. Learn more about vaccinations and see why they are so important.

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Rancho Regional offers various diagnostics and treatment options for your pet’s eye care. Some symptoms that may indicate that your pet needs an eye exam would include:

Cloudy appearance

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Boarding & Bathing

Please allow us to care for your beloved pet while you are away with our Rancho Cucamonga pet boarding and bathing services. Simply call us at (909)941-0841 or click on “Book an Appointment” to make a reservation. Don’t forget to take advantage of our coupons!

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Is your pet restless from scratching, is the itching keeping you up at night? Your pet may be suffering from allergies. Learn more about our allergy treatments for pets and contact us today.

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Cold Laser Therapy

Rancho Regional Veterinary Hospital is pleased to offer FDA-approved PL 5000 laser therapy to use as an aid for pain relief in pets suffering from acute and chronic pain. The PL 5000 therapy produces a low level, or cold, output that has no thermal effect on the body’s tissue. Instead, the laser serves to stimulate biological function positively.

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Digital X-Ray

Our direct digital system allows us to perform animal radiographs (X-rays) of our patients and have results within seconds. This increased image processing speed allows for less stress and increased level of care for our patients.

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Ultrasound examination is a minimally invasive diagnostic imaging tool utilized to view a patient’s internal organs including:

Pregnancy check

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Orthopedic Surgery

Is your pet limping? Are you seeking a consult or a second opinion? Allow our knowledgeable doctors and surgeons to bring you peace of mind. Dr. Felts, DVM, orthopedic surgeon, graduated from the University of Illinois, with his post-Doctorate at Davis and surgical residency at the Animal Medical center in NYC, and has been performing surgeries for 30 years.

Soft Tissue Surgery

Rancho Regional Veterinary Hospital offers soft tissue surgery for pets, ranging from non-invasive procedures to full-anesthetic surgeries, including cryotherapy to orthopedic surgery.

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Here at Rancho Regional, we treasure our senior pets and understand the importance of providing exceptional care for their specific needs as they age.  Our goal is to help them to live full, happy, and healthy lives — every day.

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Laser Surgery

Veterinary laser surgery provides the same advantage to pets that human patients have had the privilege of having for more than 30 years. This method can be utilized to perform a wide variety of procedures that your beloved pet will benefit from. The benefits of laser surgery include:

  • Less pain and bleeding
  • Less swelling and discomfort
  • Reduced risk of infection

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Emergencies & Intensive Care

An unexpected emergency or family crisis can be traumatic. Rancho Regional and its team of highly qualified and compassionate doctors and staff understand the importance of immediate, caring response. Take steps to avert loss of precious seconds and program our address and telephone number.

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Is your pet exhibiting these signs?

Bad Breath
Reluctant to eat
Not interested in toys
Excess drooling
Bleeding Gums
Do not let “bad breath” stand in the way of smooching with your furry love! With 85 percent of pets diagnosed with periodontal disease, it is critical to have your pet’s oral exam performed today! 

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