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Candy Harmon

I brought my Siberian Husky (Keyera) in to Dr. Berg as she ran into a wall and broke 5 teeth. They were able to get me in the same day I called. Dr. Berg is great, he took his time and explain all my options. Keyera did not even mind going back for her check up a week later. She was excited to see all of the staff. I have recomended him to several of my friends that have pets. This will certainly be the only vet I take Keyera to now. Dr. Berg even gave us a tour of the facility, I was very impressed. Thanks for everything Dr. Berg and Staff.

Bryan Kenyon

We brought in our Pomeranian who was experiencing a host of odd behavioral patterns. We initially sought other care that was insufficient and we were recommended to Dr. Berg. Needless to say, we were overwhelmed by the facilities, the staff and the care provided by Dr. Berg and the staff. Most importantly, Dr. Berg made a swift and accurate diagnosis and was able to point us to the proper neurologist for our beloved family pet. Not only that, but Dr. Berg continued to amaze us all with his passion for his work, the diligent follow up and unprecedented access. I am beyond impressed with his care and sensitivity towards our situation and highly recommend Dr. Berg to anyone in need of an expert doctor for your pet or pets. He really cares about your pet and you and it shows in his candor as he speaks and evaluates your pet. Many thanks to Dr. Berg and please tell everyone that Dr. Berg is a Vet who can and will make a difference!

Brian and Ellie Dam

Wow! What a nice place. Everyone is so friendly, yet professional. Dr. Berg is wonderful, so caring and concerned about our baby Brody.He put us at ease about our concerns. We have been looking for a new doggie Doctor for a while, we have definetly found him. I will recommend this facility to everyone!

Lil bella

My doggy bella and ourselves felt very comfortable when we first walked into the facility such a pleasent place and the staff was wonderful and friendly Dr.Berg was such a nice person very profesional and made us feel very comfortable especially our little bella Im glad my sis gave me this number and my mom and I went to check it out now we found a great place for bella to feel well taken care of we found the perfect vet for our little bella =)Thank you everyone ...woof

Stacey Harrold

We met Dr. Berg and his staff for the first time yesterday afternoon. Each member of the staff was friendly and helpful during our visit. Dr. Berg was very caring, thorough and effecient with his exam of Ginger, our 1yr old Pug. Ginger and I were taken on a complete tour afterwards and I'm very impressed by the cleanliness of the facility. We're new to area and I'm thrilled to have finally found the perfect vet for our family! Thank you Dr. Berg and staff!!

Eric Morales

Sasha, our 3 year old boxer has been a patient of Dr. Berg since she was 7 weeks old and the amount of care he has provided for her is what brought us to Rancho Regional! The staff is greast, the facility is fantastic and Sasha is doing wonderful!!!

Josh & Emily Walter

I first met Dr. Berg after one of my Goldens was attacked by a loose pit bull in the neighborhood. My husband and I were fairly new to the area and we were still scouting vets after a couple not-so-stellar experiences elsewhere. I was cross country when the attack happened, and Dr. Berg took the time to call me (even though he'd already explained all the surgical/technical stuff to my husband), and explain everything in detail. Since then, we've taken both of our Goldens there for aftercare, shots, meds, etc. It's a very nice, clean, friendly atmosphere. We usually make Saturday appointments and are always offered refreshments, and the front office staff always engages in conversation with us and our pets! We never thought we'd find another practice like our favorite back in Michigan, but Dr. Berg is giving them a run for their money!

Shannon Peace

Almost 3 years ago, my Mom and I walked into Rancho Regional Veterinary Hospital praying for a miracle. My 15 year-old cat Maximillian had been diagnosed with Chronic Renal Failure and his regular vet - who I won't name - had hospitalized him and "treated him" - leaving him near death's door. Maxie couldn't walk, meow and had become so weak he couldn't move from the bed pillow to urinate. We were almost resigned that it was probably time to let him go when an emergency clinic referred us to Rancho Regional. We felt the difference as soon as soon as we stepped inside RRVH. The facility was clean and bright. The staff were professional, friendly and solicitous. Most impressively, Dr. Berg came in to examine Maxie and rather than the hurried, impatient consultations we were used to, he made us feel like we were his only patients of the day. He listened, answered countless questions and gave us frank, thoughtful suggestions without talking down to us. By the end of that exam, we felt confident in the game plan Dr. Berg devised for Maxie and grateful we had taken one last chance on a new vet. Rancho Regional saved Maximillian's life. Every visit we had consequently for the last 2+ years, whether with Dr. Berg or the equally knowledgable, fantastic Dr. Bohrer felt like the first visit. They were always gracious and giving of their time, concerned and interested and refreshingly honest. Even after I moved to Los Angeles, I continued to drive the distance to bring my old guy to see them; they earned my trust and I always knew Maxie was in the very best hands. I'm sad to say that we finally had to say goodbye to our beloved furbaby Maximillian last month. Even with my love and the very best care from Rancho Regional, it was simply his time. The staff at Rancho Regional even made saying goodbye a beautiful experience. Everybody working there took the time to tell my Mom and I how much Maxie would be missed. They handled him lovingly and sweetly and Dr. Bohrer mourned with us. Mom and I felt surrounded by love; I can only imagine our sweet angel felt the same. A few weeks ago, I received a card from Rancho Regional, signed by everyone on the staff. It meant more than I can say. Without Dr. Berg, Dr. Bohrer and the caring staff at Rancho Regional, I know that not only would we have lost Maxie years ago, but had he somehow lived without their care, his quality of life would have been greatly diminished. He finished his days happy, healthy and cared for... I can never thank the staff at Rancho Regional enough. I recommend them without reservation. One day, when I'm ready to let a new little furbaby into my life and heart, I will make that long drive out from LA to Jack Benny Dr. After all, we want only the best for these furry family members and Rancho Regional is surely the best.

Marcel Zuniga

The people that work here are seriously some of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting, each one of them is concerned about your precious pet. They do all that they can to make sure your baby is healthy and happy. Their facility is clean and welcoming you really feel comfortable there even if you're scared and nervous you wouldn't want to be anywhere else in your pet's time of need. I highly recommend this hospital to all my friends and family and anyone else who loves their dear pets as much as I love mine. I thank god for Dr. Berg and his staff, without them I wouldn't know what to do. 10/10

Krystal Watson

Dr. Christopher Berg is an awesome veterinarian. He was very thorough in his examination. He checked out every nook and cranny, which I very much appreciated. He took his time to answer all of my questions and ease my concerns. I didn't feel rushed at all. My husband even said that Dr. Berg seems like he really enjoys his job and genuinely cares about animals. I also appreciated the fact that Dr. Berg was honest with me and didn't make me feel like a walking credit card. The staff is also very friendly and are always happy and smiling. They are helpful and caring. They make you feel right at home! I will definitely come back this hospital and to Dr. Berg and recommend them to everyone. Thank you so much!

Dylann White

I brought my puppy Bruin to Rancho Vet in November after she broke her leg. I drove 45 min from Orange County to see Dr. Berg because I had heard wonderful things about him. Not only was my treatment amazing but the price was great and the staff was even better! My little Bruin had major surgery and had to be seen once a week for a few months and I drove every time from OC because I absolutely loved my service I was receiving from Rancho Vet. I have a perfectly healed little puppy and I am the happiest dog mommy ever because of the kindness that I was shown by the entire staff. Thank you for everything you have done for us. Bruin definitely misses seeing her friends on a weekly basis!

Andrea Acevedo

The vet we seen here was very knowledgeable with modern medicine. Unfortunately, the vet we had before did not help my dog at all because he was not aware of updated medicine. Everyone here was very nice and genuinely cared about our dog. I highly recommend Rancho Regional. Also, they really worked with us to choose the best plan of care for our dog under our restricted budget. They didn't try to up-sell us on anything unnecessary.

Bryce B.

Best Vet I have been to in my life! I previously worked at Nordstrom as a Department Manager and believed they delivered the best customer service (not so sure anymore) ... I do not switch easily... Nordstrom still delivers the best customer service...After just one visit, what I will say, is they are the best vet I have ever been to. As long as I am in Southern CA. I will not go to another vet. The entire experience was wonderful... from the receptionist to the vet technicians to the actual Doctor, everyone delivered EXCELLENT customer service. They actually care about my dog. Although my pup is very healthy and only 3 yrs. old, the vet treated her as though it were her dog. She explained every move she made from why she was feeling her stomach to what signs she was looking for when she looked in her ears. I felt extremely comfortable and confident that my pup was receiving the best treatment available! Not only were they great all around ( Ranked a 10 by me) but INEXPENSIVE. As I previously mentioned, this was my first visit, normally when you 1st see a vet there is an initial exam fee, etc... not here. My dog needed an Anal Gland expression and that is all I had to pay. I ended up asking the Doctor to look her over and happily paid the $37.50 exam charge (this is at least half a normal vet). Overall, EXCELLENT experience. I know I sound like I work there, but I promise I do not! I am an outside sales manager. I have never written a review on Yelp prior to this post, however, felt compelled after my visit today. The most important thing to me is that my pup is healthy, and the best part of my day is that appeared to be the most important thing to Rancho Veterinary Hospital as well! Thank you Rancho! One last thing: not only was I sent home with detailed instructions on how to care for my pup, but they e-mailed me an even more detailed explanation and recommendations! As well as a quote for a dental cleaning (which I asked for). Best veterinary hospital around Period!

Elizabeth H.

I started at this hospital as a client, became an employee and after nearly four years of employment am a client again. I can tell you from the client's perspective and as an employee behind the scenes, these doctors are the best you'll find anywhere. Dr. Berg, Dr. Bohrer and Dr. Owens truly care and are some of the most intelligent people I have ever met. They have taken care of me and clients through hard times. I've never met a vet like Dr. Berg. I've seen him with cases where it seemed hopeless and he would not give up until that baby was better. I have four rescued pups at home, and will never trust them to anybody else. The hospital can be busy, but you go there for the doctors. If your appointment may be delayed, it's probably because they've been attending to emergencies, or have tried to help as many pets as they can in one day, and sometimes it stacks up. They're human. When I worked there, I would tell clients (truthfully) that if anybody can fix it, it's our doctors. It's true.

Emily Green

Just want to say the entire staff here is wonderful!!! I have a now 2 year old English bulldog, Axel. Axel has had the opportunity to see all three of the doctors here and they are all amazing. He has gone through some scary stuff from a few episodes of pneumonia to skin issues and even a broken tooth. Each and every time (and there were a lot of times) that I have brought him in the entire staff has been amazing. Anyone who has owned a bulldog knows they require specialized care and a knowledgeable vet, this place has got it all!!! The front desk staff always comes out from behind the desk to say hello to Axel and the doctors get down on the floor with him to examine him. They take their time and I have never once felt rushed or didn't have each and every one of my questions answered. I would not take him anywhere else. I feel so blessed to have found them and to live so close. I have refereed everyone who has asked who his vet is to Rancho Regional Veterinary Hospital. Thank you so much for all that you have done for my boy, it has actually been 8 months since Axel has had to come in for a visit. I never in my life thought I would have a time this long in between vet visits and it is due in part to their excellent care of him.

Andrea Denny

This is the best place ever, I will not trust my dogs with anyone else. DR.Berg is the greatest vet ever, my dogs love them so much they drag me in the door, can't wait to see them. I'm so very, very glad he is my dogs vet. DR Berg you are the greatest vet ever.

G Greer

I would like to thank Dr. Owens and associates for the personable experience I have had with present and past k9's of our family. Over 20 years I have been to many others, and by far you guys are the best... Keep up the excellent work.


We had taken our dog Rocco to another vet and after reading the reviews at this hospital we came here for a 2nd opinion. Even though the opinion was not what we wanted to hear the doctor the staff was very supportive. When it came to having to put Rocco to sleep they were caring and actually made it a beautiful experience. Can't say that it made it easier but it was better than I expected. They actually care about you and your animal. We will be getting another dog, because I miss Rocco, and I will be taking her there and also recommending this hospital to everyone. Thank you

Susan Carone

The is the best by far ~ bar none ~ Veterinary Hosp. I can't begin to express how much we love the staff and Dr. Berg...They are amazing and we bring both of our dogs in and have had excellent care..The staff is Stupendous and theI am most appreciative of all the care and love that they provide for both of our dogs..Samauri Jack and Kazuo..Thanks to all of you..

Susan Carone

just read all the testimonials above and I could not have said it any better this is the most amazing Veterinary Hospital. I have had 10 dogs and have never had such an incredible experience with Vet. I want everyone to know that his is the place to to take your animals to... can't begin to express how much we love the staff and Dr. Berg...They are amazing and we bring both of our dogs in and have had excellent care..The staff is Stupendous and theI am most appreciative of all the care and love that they provide for both of our dogs..Samauri Jack and Kazuo..Thanks to all of you..

Becky Arias

Dr. Owens' and the staff are extrodinary people-paws above everyone !! The staff is absolutly amazing- these vets show true compassion and humanity with every person and pet that walks through the doors. We recently took our Boxer Rocky in and Dr. Owens and Dr. Berg both took the time -I'm saying above and beyond normal expectations - to explain to me what my dog was experiencing to make sure that I completely understood what was happening & what would happen - they showed compassion with my pet and that was so important.... unfortunatly we had to put Rocky down and again Dr. Owens was with us the entire time. She even called to check up on our family a couple days later. AMAZING AMAZING PEOPLE !!

Joe Anderson

Dr Chris Berg ... America's BEST Vet! I currently have three cats under Dr Berg's superb care. Outstanding vet with amazing knowledge. An intuitive and outside the box (litter in my case) thinker. A vet with NO 'attitude', other than a GREAT one. Pays attention to what You are saying. Never interrupts! Picks up on the smallest detail(s), that can and will make a major difference. Wonderful personality. Animals are immediately drawn to him. Humans too! NEVER hurries you out. Spends whatever time is necessary to explain in straight forward terms, what you need AND want to know. Educates you on the 'situation'. State of the art and super clean modern facility with an excellent staff. Utilizes the best outside support services available. Extremely reasonable on the cost of medications. You will never feel you got 'hosed' on the cost of med for your cat/dog. Dr Berg and his wife, Dr Bohrer, an equally superb vet at the clinic, have 2 young boys, 2 dogs, 3 cats and 5 chickens! Yet with all of this additional responsibility, they are able to maintain an outstanding, efficient operation. ALWAYS upbeat, amazing energy! Both are in excellent physical condition as well, by choice! You will get a warm feeling that Dr Berg will not have a stroke while performing surgery on your cat/dog. Can you say the same about your current vet, or regular doctor(s) for that matter? In the last 12 months, 4 of 4 people I have referred to Dr Berg report back to me they are almost stunned by the "night and day" difference between Dr Berg and his facility/staff, compared to other vets they have had in the past ... and cannot seem to thank me enough for the referral! How many vets do you know who will (personally) frequently contact You, checking up on how your cat/dog is doing ? Having dealt with vets the majority of my adult life, Dr Berg excels above all others combined. My two geriatric cats (of three cats total) are alive today, and remain as healthy as possible ... because of Dr Berg, for all the reasons listed above. This kind of sums it all up: On my very first visit with my male cat 'Junior', when I saw Dr Berg bend down an literally nuzzle Junior's nose with his nose and say "It's gonna be OK (and it was)", I immediately knew that this was going to be a good ride. If you have any questions, just ask my cats. They WILL confirm this 100%! ==== ==== === Joe Anderson, Rancho Cucamonga California, August 29, 2011.

Shelia Witherspoon

We are at awe from our first visit with Dr. Berg yesterday (May 24, 2011). We came for a second opinion about our cat pumpkin, who has a fractured hip ball. From our entering the door, we felt that there was a true passion for care of both pet and family. Dr. Berg fully explained our cat's medical situation and alternatives for care. He spent quality time with us and showed a love for his profession. We have never had such a comforting experience at any vets office. Thank you!

Anthony De La Pena

I want to Thank Dr berg and the entire staff at Rancho Regional for the time and care they gave to me and my Akita Bear. Dr berg took the time to explain everything about the condition and treatment options for Bears pneumonia which made the stress i had vanish. I am very please with him and the staff at rancho regional, Dr Berg is going to be Bears Doctor

Candy Harmon

I want to Thank Dr. Berg and his staff for all their support with Star (my 2yr old Siberian Husky). It was a sad day as on January 20th we had to have her put to sleep as the seizures she was having would not stop. Star has been going to Dr. Berg for the past 2yrs and he and his staff did all they could do to help but it was just to much for Star. I will never forget all their compassion and thoughtfulness through this tough time. Thanks so much for all you have done for me and my family.

Malorie Gonzales

My boyfriend and I came to Dr. Berg the morning of October 3 with our 5 month old golden retriever in critical condition. The day before Dodger had become very sick. He was not eating, vomiting and eventually could not even stand or walk to the car to take him to the hospital. His lower abdomen was very irritated to the point where he would cry when touched. We took to a 24 hour facility where they took X-Rays and found there was fluid in his lungs and had something going on in his intestines. They decided to do immediate surgery on his stomach to relieve the problem. The next morning we arrive to pick up what we hoped to be our happy go lucky puppy, instead he was in even worse a condition than the night before with a high fever and could barely breathe on his own. The doctor said he need to be taken to a facility with around the clock care and to be put on oxygen for 24 hours. After attempting 2 hospitals that did not have the right equipment to keep Dodger alive, we arrived at Ranch Regional Hospital where they took him in immediately. We waited the entire day after hundreds of test to see what was wrong with him to find no true answer. Having spent $4,000 already Dodgers chances at life were not looking too good. Dr. Berg gave us the option to take him to a specialist which we did not have to funds to support. After hours of tears and laying with dodger in ICU hooked up to monitors and barely able to open his eyes, we were forced to consider putting him to sleep. Luckily Dr. Berg saw great potential in our puppy. He was without a doubt certain that with the same constant care, oxygen, pain medication and antibiotics, that we may see improvements. So we decided to give dodger up for adoption so that the hospital has legal ownership over him. The worst part about this was the chances of getting Dodger back if he gets better are close to impossible. They would most likely adopt him out to another family. The decision was devastating but I knew they would be able to fix him. Three weeks later, after calling everyday to see how he was doing and coming to the conclusion that we may never see him again, Dr. Berg called to say that he was doing 90% better and is ready to be adopted. Falling silent we waited for him to say they found a new home for him that would make this the most bittersweet moment of a lifetime, he told us he cant see any better fit parents for dodger than us. Ive never received such great news in my entire life! I cried with joy for the next 24 ours until my boyfriend picked him up. I wasn't able to see him until that night because I had school, but the second I saw him in my house, playing with his old toys, i dropped to my knees with tears. Holding him as he kissed me for the first time in what it felt like was forever was a feeling I could not describe. Dr. Berg is not only an amazing doctor, but he is the kindest most generous man who has given me the greatest gift I could ever ask for. To thank him would be an understatement. Dodger is alive today because of him and now my life is whole again. Today December 1, 2010 is Dodgers 7 month Birthday! As I sit here and look back to see the condition he was 60 days ago I would have never guessed he would be here right now. He is as just, if not more, loving, excited and playful as he was before and I owe it 100% to Dr. Berg and his amazing staff. Thank you so much for saving my baby! I am eternally grateful!

Connie Mlynarski

I would personally like to thank Elizabeth, Ilona, and especially Dr. Berg and Dr. Bohrer for their hard work, dedicated professionalism, and above all, their compassion during the past few months. Our min pin Franny had been in and out of their hospital during the past several weeks and every effort was made to treat and heal her from the medical conditions from which she suffered. Unfortunately, on Nov 5, Franny decided she could fight no more. Our entire family felt that Franny knew it was time and that she was ready to go, but it did not make that decision on our part any easier. Dr. Berg and his staff went above and beyond their job, they honestly and genuinely care. I cannot thank them enough for everything they have done for my family and our "kids".

Stacy Hewett

I met Dr Berg through a recommendation of my equine veterinarian, whom I have trusted for years, and thought we would be a good match. I have four dogs of all sizes and three cats of all ages, my senior citizen "Buster" had developed a hematoma on his ear. Dr. Berg was very thorough in his exam and explained the treatment well. I have only met one other small animal vet in all my years who cares so much for his patients. It is a treat to find such a great vet close to home. Thanks Dr. Berg, we'll all be seeing you sometime soon. From the Hewett Pack


I love Dr. Berg & the entire staff!!!

HomeDog's Mom

The staff is amazing, Dr Berg is great! They went above and beyond my expectations in treating Homedog. Highly recommend to all.

Michelle Doerr

I am very impressed with there service it seems that they really care for the animals. when i took my puppy there for a procedure i explained that i was going to be taking classes for vet The vet tech offered to let me watch the procedure. This really made me happy and made me want to be a vet all the more. Unlike most places they do have some coupons and right now i definitely needed them. over all this is my new permanent vet. Amazing

Heather Clark

Doctor Berg, you know how my family feels about you! You are a wonderful vet and I thank you for being so helpful with me when I lost my Kona.

Adrienne Hill

We are professional dog handlers that travel across the United States showing top dogs in their breeds. We have searched and searched for a good, quality vet who is close to home for YEARS! It is so nice to be able to drive down the street for our client dogs as well as our own dog's vet needs, instead of driving to Riverside or Pasadena. Thank you Dr. Berg for all of your help with our dogs!


I took my Roxie dog to visit Dr. Berg for her annual check up, shots, etc. Typically my dog shakes, etc. but within minutes she was on the floor playing with Dr. Berg. So much so that he conducted her exam while sitting on the floor instead of me putting her up on the exam table. Needless to say I was very happy and Roxie will be visiting Dr. Berg for her future needs.

Connie Mlynarski

There are not enough words nor enough space that will allow me to talk about Dr. Berg and his staff. We found them one week after they opened up their office in Rancho Cucamonga. Our schnauzer, Lucy, was having eye problems, and after having her at another vet, took her out to Rancho Regional. After an extensive 2 1/2 exam, Dr. Berg was able to determine that she had developed glaucoma and needed to be seen by a specialist. We were sent the next day to Upland to an ophthalmologist and given daily medication in an attempt to keep Lucy's eye pressure down and keep her comfortable. After a 6 month battle, that regimen failed and Lucy had to have her eye removed. We took her to Dr. Berg for the surgery. After it was completed and Lucy was home, Dr. Berg kept in constant contact with the eye specialist, always keeping us updated with the ophthalmologist's recommendation and treatment plan in an attempt to save Lucy's remaining good eye. During the course of all this, Dr. Berg detected a mass on her spleen, and also a heart murmur that we were told might lead to problems later down the road. Although Lucy seemed and acted fine from August 2008 to June 2009 , unfortunately she took a turn for the worse in the middle of June. It was determined on June 19, that she had suddenly lost the vision in the remaining eye, and that the spleen mass had ruptured. We knew we had to put our beloved Lucy down, and Dr. Berg explained that in his medical opinion, with everything Lucy had undergone, it was the right thing to do. We have never had a veterinarian or his staff show the kind of compassion and thoughtfulness that was given to our family that day. Losing a pet is never easy, but every attempt to ease our pain was a priority for Dr. Berg and his staff that day. We are honored and proud to have Dr. Berg and his staff as our veterinary caregivers as they are much more than a veterinarian, technicians, or receptionists. We regard them as part of our extended family.

Lisa Ascencio

Today sadly was the day that I had to say goodbye to my Golden Retriever Max. As an animal lover we all know that this is part of sharing our lives with a companion that gives us unconditional love, laughs, some crazy times and yes days like today. Dr. Berg and his entire staff could not have been more supportive, loving and exceptionally caring. There are no words to express my gratitude for their tenderness and compassion to both of us. As I sat on the floor holding my boy they too joined me and comforted him as he went to sleep. Thank you for everything!

Greg & Tammy Burden

We are so pleased with Dr. Berg. We visited him when our lab rescue puppy was 3 months old, and had two broken bones in her leg. Our baby dog, Malia, visited 2 vets in the area before she was treated properly. Dr. Berg called us almost every day to check on her progress. He was so patient, and really sympathic. He is fantastic and Malia still visits often!!

Stacy Powell

Dr. Berg was awesome. I have a toy yorkie and it got very sick. Dr. Berg knew just what to do and my yorkie is now on his way to recovery. I have never meet a vet that was so interested in my puppy and at the same time taking the time to educate me and my husband. He did not rush us and really worked with us. I am so glad we found our new vet and can't wait to tell my friends and family!! The staff was very friendly as well!! Thank you Dr. Berg and staff!!

Anya Habet

We were very impressed with Dr. Berg. He is an awesome veterinarian and we take our five babies there for routine care as well as when they are ill. We feel at home and comfortable there. We recommend Ranch Regional to all our friends and customers of our store Barks & Bones Boutique. Thank you Dr. Berg!

Dana O'Callaghan

Our dog Mona has been visiting Dr. Berg since July and we have been so impressed. So much so that even though we have moved to San Diego we travel back to Rancho to take Mona when we need more care for her. He has been soooo helpful in treating Mona for her many ailments and he has been the most reasonably priced for procedures. He always gives us many options in treating our dog and is so helpful in explaining her health. Dr. Berg is the best!

Ryan Humpert

I must say I agree that Dr. Berg and the entire staff are just great people and they truly care about each animal. My dog has had a rare skin disease and Dr. Berg has been nothing but great with our dog nursing him back to health. While my dog will probably have this problem for his entire life, Dr. Berg has gotten him back feeling so much better. I feel like I can trust his judgement and he never tries to sell us things our dog doesn't need. I appreciate the honesty more than anything that Rancho Regional has provided. And yes, he actually checks your pet thoroughly and doesn't just look and walk out of the room like most vets. When you pay for an office exam you actually get a full exam with Dr. Berg. That is the way it should be! Thanks to you Dr. Berg and to you all!

Alice R.

I first met Dr. Berg at Pomona Animal Hospital and can attest that he is awesome. He is not only a nice doctor but takes his time to explain things to the 'humans' in plain English. My three cats and pooch will be his new patients at his new facility. I finally found him walking with his family on Sunday. Thanks Dr. Berg I will be seen you soon!

Jillian and Ryan Highstreet

Dr. Berg has saved the life of our cat, Wilbur, twice! Dr. Berg is such an exceptional Veterinarian who gives his full attention to every client and definitely goes above and beyond. He really takes the time to explain things so you can understand them. We have been so happy with Dr. Berg's care that we are willing to drive the 40 miles. Thank you so much for everything you have done for our animals!Wilbur is doing great!

Dr. Curtis Casady, DC (drcurtis@balancedlifechiropractic.com)

I took my rottweiler Duke in for a shoulder problem and was able to be seen right away. Dr. Berg is very professional and easy to build a relationship with. He is definitely Duke's new doctor. Thanks Dr. Berg!

Jamie Senior

I brought my service dog, Bear (Siberian Husky) in for an annual physical and updating of shots. I was extremely impressed with Dr. Berg and how pleasant he was, down to earth and he took his time and didn't rush us in and out like most vet's now a days. I felt like we built a rapport with him and he will definitely be Bear's main Veterinary Doctor from now on. I will definitely refer my friends and family.

Belinda Jaramillo

My husband and I have been extremely impressed with the staff,Doctor's and facility. We are happy they have opened such a great facility in our city. Our little Shitzu / Terrier is happy also! Thanks Doctor Berg!

The Lazaro Family

We have never had a vet that has genuinely cared for our dog Lexie like Dr. Berg. He took the time to show us her Xrays and explain them to us as well as giving us her treatment options..Dr. Berg even called with her lab results and went over them with us...Lexie is now a happier dog... If you are looking for a vet and don't know where to go, i highly recommend Dr. Berg! Thanks Dr. Berg, you are the best...